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Taco Bell Customer Survives Brush with Bee
by Ken ReCorr on 12/11/2004 (0)

Payton reenacts the ‘Bee Ordeal’.
Springfield, MO – This week’s uncharacteristically warm snap has afforded many Missourians one last chance at enjoying the weather before another frigid Midwestern winter sets in. Many, including Har-Bell Athletic sales associate Jim Payton, took advantage by turning off the heat while driving, and rolling down their car windows. Enjoying this Indian summer, while pleasant, can sometimes have devastating consequences.

While parked in line at the Taco Bell down the block from Har-Bell Athletic, Payton discovered a most unwanted warm weather visitor. A honey bee found the opening in Payton’s car window, and proceeded to land on the steering wheel.

“I almost messed my pants,” explained the shocked October salesman of the month for region four. While Payton can handle spiders and snakes, he made it clear that “(he) doesn’t do bees or wasps.”

When pressed, he went on to describe the frightening scene in detail, “Well, I had just pulled up in line and I was trying to decide between a number seven with a soft shell taco, or a new Fajita Wrap with a Nachos Bell Grande when I saw the little bastard. Frankly, I was shocked because I thought that last freeze in late November had killed all of the bugs this year.”

As the cars piled up behind him, Payton inched closer to the drive thru order speaker as the bee moved into the steering column. “That really got me going. I didn’t want to lose my place in line, I was next, right? So I just kept inching up and hoped that it wouldn’t buzz out of there and sting me on my crotch.”

Ultimately the offending insect did reemerge from underneath the 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse’s steering wheel. It was then that Jim decided to take action.

“It was now or never,” he recalled. “I slowly opened my door and jacked that sucker with my P.O.D. CD case.”

Instead of being propelled from the car, the angry bee was thrown into the holding compartment below the door handle. At that instant fate interceded; the insect shot out of the car’s door away from Payton just before it was his turn to order.

Payton admitted to “screaming like a little girl” as the bee left the car, but by all accounts was able to pull himself together enough to place his order with the drive thru attendant.isplay:0" style="display:no

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