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Cup That Hit Artest Suspended for Entire NBA Season
by Kris on 11/27/2004 (0)

All hell breaks lose in Detroit.
Over a week after the riot at the Palace of Auburn Hills, which lead to a number of suspensions including a full season suspension for the Pacer's Ron Artest, NBA Commissioner David Stern has added one more suspension to that list.

"After a long search using that involved looking at numerous video feeds and speaking with fans and security that were on site, we have located the cup that hit Artest and thus have suspended it for its part in this melee," said Stern.

Video footage shows the cup, named Steve, flying down from the stands and striking Pacer's player Ron Artest. This sparked Artest to run into the stands and began attacking a person that had absolutely nothing to do with the initial incident. After this, numerous other fans and players got involved and the situation quickly degraded into an all out melee.

Stern announced Steve will be banned from all NBA arenas for the remained of the season and the playoffs. After that time, the progress that Steve has made with his therapist and in anger management classes will be evaluated and he will be considered for reinstatement in the 2005-2006 NBA season.

"We have to make the point that there are boundaries in our games," Stern said. "One of our boundaries, that have always been immutable, is the boundary that separate the players from beverage containers. We cannot have cups losing control and throwing themselves onto the court."

Beverage and Condiment Union director Arnie Hunter has stated that an appeal will be filed on behalf of Steve.

"I thought the penalties were excessive and want it to be reviewed by an impartial third party," Hunter said.

Hunter also said that Stern was "a jerk" and that he believed a suspension of "about 35 games" would have been more appropriate for Steve.

"Steve has always been a good cup," said Steve's father Pete. "He has always held liquids and ice just like raised him too. He was caught up in the excitement and emotion of the game, this was not typical behavior for him."

Those close to Steve say that he feels "remorse and regret for what he has done" but feels that the penalties were "excessive and unfair".

A final ruling on the appeal is expected in within the next twenty days.

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