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Woman Laments Lifetime with Double Entendre British Name
by Mark on 11/20/2004 (0)

Prince Charles and grounds warden John Biggerstaff (L), surveying Oxford Ladies College, Oxford U.K.
LANDS END, UK - British woman Edith Head recounts a lifetime of laughter, tears, with a double entendre last name

"It was just bloody awful at times. Just terrible."

Mrs. Head tightly gripped a handkerchief amidst bubbling tears

"I've heard it all, you know. When I joined the glee club at Lincolnshire, all the boys would taunt 'Look here, chaps! I've got Head!' and 'Hey mates, I'm finally getting some Head!'. I thought it was quite amusing at first, but then it got a bit harrying. I'm 54 now, and a quite bit sick of it."

Indeed, Edith Head is not the only resident of the United Kingdom with a suggestive last name. Any London phone book abounds with Clapps, Everards, Wicks and Biggerstaffs, all clamoring for their rightfull place in the Big Haudy Book of Booby British Names.

Edith Head gingerly scratched at a small stain on the walnut top of her Devonshire buffet

"It's not my fault if a gent's mind is in the gutter. Not my problem at 'tall."

Although married for 34 years to an Andrew Leeds, Edith admits legally keeping her maiden name "for personal reasons".is

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