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Wife looks up husband's credit rating on Web, wants divorce
by Mark on 11/15/2004 (0)
MAYFIELD HTS, OH - 28 year newlywed scrubs marriage after detailing hapless groom's past on Web.

Stacy Anderson hammered the keys on her Gateway Pentium 4 like an Italiano Carrara marble sculpter gone wild.

"I thought Scott told me everything about his past. We promised each other that there weren't supposed to be any secrets between us. He lied to me, and I won't tolerate it! The marriage is off!"

An online credit and criminal history search revealed her husband Scott sported a meager 418 credit rating, a $13K IRS lien on his Mayfield Hts. property, and a DUI and possession of drug paraphenalia conviction dating back to 1997

"Thank God for background check websites! I would have made the mistake of my life with this bum. I'll never even THINK about even dating again without a quick online check again!"

Unbeknown to Stacy, Scott had also done a background check on her as well, and discovered an undisclosed 2001 divorce and a stack of related unpaid credit card bills still tied up in litigation.

The couple has bilaterally agreed to a speedy online divorce at www.quickvegasdivorce.comn.r

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