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Unlikely terrorist plans foiled
by Mark on 10/30/2004 (0)

Terrorist target?...We can only hope.
LINCOLN, NE - Secret Service agents, acting on an anonymous tip, have foiled a seemingly oddball list of terrorist targets scattered all over Nebraska.

Special agent Bill Volanksi describes

"We found plans on the hard drive of self-described Al-Qaeda sympathizer Mohammed a.k.a. "Danny" Surabi, detailing plans to blow up several key Nebraska land marks, including the 10 mile exit Stucky's bed and breakfast sign on route 80, the 20 foot high 'lard lard' donut shop giant in Big Springs, and Mrs. Hoegler's honor-pay bakery and honey stand outside Cedar Rapids. We're a bit befuddled, and somewhat amused as to why he'd pick these silly road-trip vacation icons and places as targets, but my guess is he just wants to start small and work his way up."

Additional plans detailed spiking the Fancy Mollie and Clown Loach tropical fish breeding tanks at Earl's aquaworld in Omaha, and disabling the automatic teller machine in the lobby of the famous glacier grooves rock, gem and fossil giftshop just 5 miles east of Oshkosh.n

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