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New Video Shows Osama bin Laden Hit in the Crotch with a Football
by Kris on 10/30/2004 (1)

"This is the worst pain I have ever felt."
Just days after airing a video with Osama bin Laden talking about his motivations for the 9/11 attacks, criticism of Bush's handling of the event, and a number of other serious issues, Al-Jazeera has aired yet another bin Laden tape, though this one is less serious in nature.

The tape, which US government officials have labeled as authentic and "very funny", shows bin Laden at an outdoor al Qaeda cookout. As he is walking, the cameraman yells at him to "smile and wave". Osama does so, and just as he does, a football comes flying from off camera and hits him squarely in the crotch. Osama promptly drops to his knees and begins yelling something that can be loosely translated as "kill the infidels!" Then the video ends.

"This video was most likely not intended to be released," said National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. "The cameraman and anyone else involved in leaking out this video are probably already dead."

It is unclear who is responsible for throwing the football in the video. There is speculation that it was from the hands of one of Osama's many illegitimate children, though some people are making claims otherwise.

"The football thrown was from one of our many special force members that are well on their way to capturing Osama bin Laden," claimed US President George Bush. "This video proves just how close we are to ending terrorism."

It is also unclear how this video will affect the results of the upcoming election.

"It might lighten the mood, but I doubt it will have little other affect," said one senior Kerry advisor.

Rawlings, makers of fine American Footballs, have claimed it was one of their balls that struck the decisive blow to terrorism.

"The bin Laden's have been one of our best customers for years," said Jerry John Rawlings, President of Rawlings and former President of the Republic of Ghana. "We would expect al Qaeda would use nothing less than our fine products."isplay:none">Share

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