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John Kerry using word "kill" in election campaign
by Mark on 10/28/2004 (0)

WASHINGTON - Widely televised DNC ads, foiling Republican claims of John Kerry's percieved softness on the "war on terror", quote Kerry as saying "I will find the terrorists and will kill them".

Kerry, fresh blood in his nostrils after a highly contrived last minute duck hunting excursion in Ohio to bolster his questionable toughness, reportedly discussed with aids possible TV ads promising "I will find the mechanic who overcharged you 300 dollars for a brake job and will kill him...I will find the cabbie who cut you off at the LaGuardia loading ramp and will kill him...and so on.

DNC chairman Terry McCaulliffe admits using the word 'kill' is harsh, and perhaps unprecedented, by a candidate, but noted "These are violent times that require tough, disturbing rhetoric. John Kerry is as capable a killer as George W. Bush. We just want to make that perfectly clear to the American people."

Kerry also promised to "kill the silly son-of-a-bitch that left the dry-cleaning foil on my suit jacket buttons, and the loud-mouth, brassy Russian broad at Star bank that wouldn't cash my check without a goddamn driver's license."

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