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Site downtime
by Kris on 10/22/2004 (0)

Friends, family, loyal supporters of Smooth Operator, let it be known that this is not my doing. It's just another blatant attempt by my host to make this site faster and more reliable for everyone... how dare they! I just figured I would warn you all before you started thinking that this site was gone (heaven forbid!). Here's the reasoning and some better details, straight from the hosts mouth...
Your web site and email will soon be housed in our new multi-million dollar state of the art datacenter. On Saturday, October 30, 2004 at 11:00 PM EST we will begin moving the servers that your web site and email are hosted on to our new datacenter.

The window of downtime for this move is scheduled to take place Saturday Oct 30, 11:00 PM EST to Sunday, October 31, 01:00 PM EST. We expect downtime for this move to be approximately twelve (12) hours.

After the move is finished, in the early traditions of Sigred and Roy, we will dress up in all pink and dance to the soothing sounds of Michael Bolton.
See you soon! Come back often.t

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