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Ohio man gets pissed over seatbelt law, becomes Libertarian
by Mark on 10/20/2004 (0)

SOLON, OH -52 year old former Republican Paul Sabatino, after getting cited and paying a 75 dollar fine for failing to buckle his seatbelt while driving, announces political defection

Sabatino, hammering his fist on his kitchen table like a medieval blacksmith, fumed

"I got stopped for not wearing a goddamn seatbelt, and it cost me 75 bucks! What kind of crap is that?! It's my goddamn neck, and if I want to break it in a car crash, that's MY goddamn business and not the governments!"

When prodded further if he was familiar with any of the other seemingly bizzarro beliefs held by the Libertarian party, such as legalizing heroin and ignoring nuclear proliferation among developing countries, Sabatino ranted

"What other people do is none of my damn business, and that includes what's going on in other countries, and as long as I have freedom of choice over wheter I have to wear a seatbelt or not, I could give a rat's ass who wins!"

Sabatino also promised to vote against any party that "makes convicted drunk drivers put oversize yellow license plates on their cars, tries to bust my balls about how high I can let my grass grow, and dictates to me what day I can put my own goddamn garbage out on my own goddamn front lawn."isplay:no

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