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Yankees win, tremor felt in Force
by Mark on 10/10/2004 (0)

"Oh yeah? Vader and I both say A-Rod was safe...and guess what? So will you!"
MINNEAPOLIS - The U.S. Geological Survey has reported a significant tremor in The Force following the Yankees stunning come from behind extra-inning victory over the Minnesota Twins Saturday.

U.S.G.S. scientist Benjamin Kenobi explains

"Our Force seismonitors indicated a 'significant' tremor in The Force Late Saturday, which seemed to coincide with the Yankees victory over the Twins. It was as if 4 million souls cried out all at once, and were suddenly silenced."

Kenobi speculated that the population of Minnesota, approximately 4 million, were probably the source of the tremor.

"I haven't seen a deflection in The Force of this magnitude since the Mets-Yankees 'subway series' in 2000. This is a remarkable event, to say the least."

Kenobi warned that smaller pre-tremors have suggested that an even more spectacular event may occur in the general direction of Boston in the upcoming weekone">

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