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Fox 'Trading Spouses' reveals most people are assholes
by Mark on 8/11/2004 (0)

"Honey!...I'm home!"
The new tortuous Fox mini-series 'Trading Spouses' making America cringe

Running the lucrative reality series gambit to an unprecedented low, Fox producers have alchemized pure 24 karat agony by offering a highly conditional 50 thousand dollar prize for families willing to trade mommies for a week.

"I watched it for 10 minutes and bailed out. I couldn't handle the awkwardness and tension."

Observes Paul Silko, Mentor, Ohio

"I think what it really shows is how sacred the family structure is, and that outside of it we are strangers, often derided and treated with sneering contempt and scorn. Oh...and it also shows that most people are total assholes."

Marge Vance, South Bend, Indiana agrees

"Everytime I watched the show, -a perfect stranger invading someone elses household and trying to lay down their own rules and beliefs, I cringed. When I saw how badly that rich bitch family treated that poor dental assistant on their pleasure boat, I almost cried. All I could think of was what a bunch of assholes!"

Fox 'Trading Spouses' executive producer Chris Cowen laments

"Man, we've got a tiger by the tail, for real. I think the show does illustrate very clearly, and sometimes shockingly, that different families live by different belief systems and habits that probably contribute, or even define, their socio-economic place in America, but I never thought that some of these people would act like flaming assholes. I feel a little spiritually sick, in fact."

Fox is not currently planning any more episodes of "Trading Spouses" until all of the participating assholes have offered apologies and/or condolences to one another.

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