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Michael Moore accepts Al-Jazeera gig
by Mark on 7/30/2004 (0)

Mocumentary millionaire spin-doctor Michael Moore sources out
"Yes, we take American Express!"

On a really big roll, Michael Moore has teamed up with Al-Jazeera producers to co-produce a new reality documentary titled 'Bloody Sands of Fallujah', highlighting 'the atrocities of American troops in war torn Iraq'. Moore elaborates:

"I was half way to treason anyway, so hey, where's the real delineation? They offered me ten million bucks, but that was just the catalyst that closed the deal, not...*ahem* primary motivation, by the way.

Al-Jazeera has provided Moore with all the tools required for the massive project, including cameras, cast, traditional Arab garb, non-alcoholic beer, an entire roasted camel, and an emergency plane ticket to Havana. U.S. State Department officials have yet to determine if Moore has crossed the line, citing '1st Amendment concerns'.ne

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