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The Beer Questers
by Mark on 7/20/2004 (0)

We're on a beer quest, eh?
ROGERSVILLE, Tennessee - With their cell doors accidentally left unlocked, four county jail inmates escaped only to return the same night with beer.

The Hawkins County Jail inmates, who bought four cases of beer before returning to the jail, were charged Monday with escape and introduction of intoxicants into a penal institution, the Kingsport Times-News newspaper reported Tuesday.

Krikers! What some folks won't (or will?) do for beer! Here are some other remarkable beer quests:

Latenite beer quest in North Hampton: Reward offered

NORTH HAMPTON - Police are investigating the theft of beer from a residence earlier this month.

On July 1, the North Hampton Police Department took a burglary report from a residence located on Stevens Road in North Hampton.

Residents of the home told police that sometime between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., someone entered the home while the family was sleeping. This suspect removed a large amount of Heineken and Amstel Light beer from the resident's refrigerator. No force was used to gain entry into the home.

North Hampton Police are asking citizens having information regarding this any other crimes to contact the department at 964-2198 or 964-8621. An anonymous call can also be made to the Crimeline for the Hamptons at 929-1222 or Rewards are given for information leading to the arrests and convictions of suspects.

Prohibition beer hijacks: Mafia beer quest

One hijack occurred in May 1922. Deanie and Dan McCarthy, murderous president of the plumbers union, were having breakfast at the Sherman House Hotel when a friendly bartender from across the street searched out Deanie with important news. A trucker carting a shipment of beer through the territory had just left his place where he had stopped for a morning drink; the truck was heading westbound. .

"Banion and McCarthy told the waitress to hold their food," author Curtis Johnson states in Wicked City. "They intercepted the truck at Randolph and Canal as it slowed for a stop sign. They brandished their revolvers and told the driver to get out." They parked the truck a block away, returning to the hotel to finish their breakfast. Afterwards, Deanie drove the vehicle "to Morton's garage where Morton paid him $22,500 cash for the prize...

Shipwreck beers: Das boot beer quest

Vrak: Vrak beer employs yeast taken from bottles found in a sunken ship. In this instance, the beer was aboard a German cargo steamer Nicomedia, plying between Hamburg and the iron-and-steel port of Lulea, in the far north of Sweden, near the frontier with Finland. The steamer met her demise during the First World War, in the early days of submarines.

After the two World Wars, fishermen at some point saw the wreck of the Nicomedia, and in 1982 a team of Swedish divers examined the vessel. This led to archive research, which revealed some of the details of the encounter. In 1999, 15 bottles of beer were recovered. The cask and the bottles are thought to have been supplies for the crew. After 84 years, there were no labels -- if there ever had been.

A Swedish brewery sent some bottles to a lab, which confirmed that the beer contained viable yeast. This included cells of a strain known as Williopsis, which more commonly occurs in wine.

Flag Porter: Flag Porter beer is brewed from a traditional 19th century British recipe using yeast salvaged from a vessel which sank in the English

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