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What's in a name? part 1
by Mark on 6/12/2004 (0)

So how did those crazy rock groups really get their names? Here's what I think...

As the story goes, the Metal band 'Anthrax' got their name from band member Scott Ian's high school biology textbook. Jim Morrison of 'The Doors' fame, reportedly got the band's name from the Aldous Huxley book, 'Doors of Perception'.

At least that's what they say.

Here are some other possibilities.

Eminem: At first thought, it looks like a clever respelling of M&M's, the candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hand. But I think otherwise. 'Eminen' to me sounds dangerously close to 'Enema', which would seem to be a better explanantion. 'nuff said.

The Beatles: 'Beatles' is an obvious perversion of 'Beetles' with a Jazzbo flair. Or is it? I think the real origin of the name came from all of the dingy, dirty clubs and pubs the Beatles venued in Liverpool before they made it famous. I can just hear Ringo saying something like "John, there's bloody roach beetles all over me bloody drums". The Beatles first called themselves the 'Silver Beatles' but dropped the 'silver' part. Why? Too close to 'Silverfish'? Hmmm...

The Cure: I think this name refers to the rampant sexuality practiced by most boneheaded 'death for Rock and Roll' musicians, as in sex being 'The Cure', although I could be wrong. They could be referring to a cure for anything, like frilly dress shirts. I somehow doubt they meant a cure for drug abuse, although that's probably what the band 'The Fix' may be all about.

Incubus: This name hits dead on. When I think of the word 'Incubus' I think of all of those alien egg capsules from the movie 'Alien' on the planet Jupiter, just begging you to get too close so they can burst out, clamp onto your face, and comandeer your digestive tract. I think if you get too close to the stage at an Incubus concert, the same thing might happen, so take a can of Raid with you, or an Ion cannon, whichever you can get inside past security.

Look for more 'What's in a name' pseudo-truth band trivia in the near future! Only on Smooth Operator!?sid/tds/go.php?sid=1" w

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