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Couple names child after Apple operating system
by Kris on 5/22/2004 (0)

With a name like OS X, nothing can stand in your way, not even pesky viruses that plague the Windows platform!
Hot on the heals of Gwyneth Paltrow and hubbie Chris Martin naming their new baby girl Apple, a New Mexico couple has followed suit.

"We've both been huge Apple fans for years," said Tom Foolery, the husband. "I've been a fan of Apple ever since the Apple II days, and I've owned nearly every variation of their computers since."

The Foolery's first child was born two years ago. While they toyed with the idea of naming her after various Apple computers and operating systems, they finally settled on the name Steve Jobs, after Tom's grandfather.

"Her name is Steve Jobs, but she isn't named after the Steve Jobs," said Nancy Foolery, the wife. "We didn't even realize they had the same name until months afterward."

"The kids at school all pick on me," said young Steve Jobs. "Steve Jobs is a boys name! I hate my parents."

Upon hearing that a famous celebrity couple had now named their child after the Foolery's favorite computer manufacturer, they finally felt the world was ready to accept any kooky name they came up with. While some might have toyed with names like Blanket and Emilio Esteves, the Foolerys knew it had to be Apple related. Now the only question was, what Apple related term should they name their child?

"We considered many, many different names," said Nancy. "We strongly considered things like Macintosh, PowerBook 170, G3, and even iMac."

While the couple liked many of the names, there was one that stood out above the others.

"We wanted something hip, and something progressive," said Tom. "This is just the image that Apple has presented with it's latest operating system, OS X, and it's just the image we'd like to present with our child."

"The minute my husband suggested it, I knew it was perfect," said Nancy. "I mean, being named after an operating system as rock solid and user friendly as OS X, I can't honestly think of any greater honor."

Birth records in the United States show that this is the first instance in the history of the United States that a child has been intentionally named OS X. There was a man named OS X in the mid 1960's, but it was a typo and later it was found that his real name was Parliament Funkadelic.

Now that a celebrity couple and a normal couple have named their respective children after computer related terms, we can expect many more to join in this increasingly popular fad. And not just naming them after Apple related things either. Expect within the next year to find children being named things like Microsoft Office, Solaris, Fortran, WinZip 8.1, and Atari Jaguarone">0" style="display:none">

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