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Ghost of Christmas Past opens spaced themed Mexican restaurant
by Kris on 5/15/2004 (0)

Tacos... in Space!
Over two years ago, Microsoft purchased the legal rights to the holiday Christmas. As part of cost cutting measures and restructuring of the holiday, the Ghost of Christmas Past was subsequently fired (Full Story) from his post as official Christmas apparition and Microsoft Office salesman.

For a spirit that had never know anything but rekindling the Christmas spirit in others through the excessive use of fear, this didn't leave a lot of job opportunities for him. His future looked to be filled with hard labor, low paying jobs, welfare checks, and minor league dodgeball. And yet he still had a dream in his heart, a cold icy heart that beats not blood like yours or mine but rather a black coffee-like substance low in sodium and high in protein.

"I have a little money saved up, I might try and setup a small Mexican restaurant," said the Ghost of Christmas Past when asked about his future plans shortly after being fired. "I think people like tacos a lot, I think they'd like to eat tacos in a space themed restaurant, and I think they'd like to buy these tacos from a scary apparition."

The Ghost claims to have come up with this idea while eating tacos and watching Star Trek reruns one night.

"Everything that was happening in space, it mirrored everything that was happening in my mouth," he said.

And thus with this idea in mind and a favor from a banker he had once helped see the error of his ways, the Ghost of Christmas Past was able to open the first Space Taco in the small New Jersey suburb where he grew up.

"The restaurant was an immediate hit," says one local patron. "Everyone loves Mexican food, and everyone loves space. It's a natural fit, like peanut butter and jelly or Siegfried and that guy that got ate by the tiger."

Space Taco features a full menu of Mexican fare such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, enchiladas, and refried beans. For the children, there are Space Meals that come with a taco, a drink, and either a miniature moon rover, rocket ship, space shuttle, or Klingon Bird of Prey.

Amidst all the food, patrons of Space Taco dine in a location that looks like something out of the future, a terrible future where everything resembles the International Space Station. Famous newspaper articles about many of NASA's space triumphs hang above the tables. Moon rocks and meteorites adorn glass shelves. Memorabilia from Star Wars, Star Trek, Space 2001 Odyssey, and numerous other television and movies decorate the walls. To make it even more authentic, patrons order their food from an area that looks like NASA mission control and are served by employees dressed as Storm Troopers, Wookies, Romulans, and Mr. Smith.

"It's quite the experience," says another local patron. "The kids love the space atmosphere and the aliens, and the wife and I love the great food."

To promote the restaurant, the Ghost of Christmas past has hired such space heavyweights as John Glenn and George Lucas.

"John will be shooting numerous television spots for us," says the Ghost. "Basically, he's whoring himself out to us, he'll be making all kinds of ludicrous claims of how Mex

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