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Reality bytes!
by Mark on 4/26/2004 (0)

Reality bites!
Chat room members from decided to throw a party.

The 8 forum members had been chatting for over 2 years and decided to throw a 3-D party and meet in person.

"The results were, well, dissapointing."

Laments chat group member Jeff Kravitz, a.k.a "snowystarman".

"When we all got together in a room, a REAL room, instead of a familiarity born of 2 years of virtually 24/7/365 chat, it was like everyone there was a perfect stranger. It was, err...kinda awkward and frankly, sorta spooky."

Chat room member Lisa Hein, a.k.a "cutemystic" agrees

"It was like, who are these people? They're goofy. Jeff kept calling me cutemystic, and it just didn't feel right in person...and plus, he's got funny looking hair, and he's well, kinda fat."

Kravitz scoffed

"Oh yeah?! You oughtta talk! When you typed 'kewlll' on the computer is was kinda sexy, but hearing you say it in person made the hair on the back of my kneck stand up, which I shaved off especially for the occasion, by the way! Frankly, I wanted to smack her!" founder Jim Brancefort concurs

"Well, the fact is, we sat there looking at eachother, and it was like everyone was looking down at the drink in their hand like they wished it was a power-off button. At first the conversation sounded like the regular old forumspeak...ya' know, catch phrases, dumb jokes, casual flirtation, but man oh man, that went south quick. Almost all at one time the whole crew jumped on my PC downstairs like a chicken running for the safety of the henhouse. They took turns surfing their favorite sites, made a bunch of the same old dumb jokes and we said goodnight. And that was it.

When asked if he had learned anything from the experience, Jim rubbed his brow

"Yeah. Internet chat has taken on a language of it's own, with the smiley faces, cute little abbreviations and such, that can't be emoted in a real face to face encounter. It's like someone taking the soundtrack off of Star Wars and expecting the audience to get what is going on without it. The sad fact is, what we construct in our imagination, and what is real, are often, and tragically, two entirely different things."

The chat group is not planning another get together, and now safely hundreds of miles apart once more, cutemystic assured snowystarman she had a great time and that his jokes made her ROFLMAO and :)).

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