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Phil Mickelson gets monkey off his back, literally
by Kris on 4/12/2004 (0)

Phil has now tossed both figurative and literally monkies off of his back... most impressive!
Just a day after winning the 2004 golf Masters and getting a figurative monkey off his back, Phil Mickelson has now literally gotten a monkey off his back too.

The former “Best Player Never to Win a Major” finally took home his first Major this past Sunday after years of futility. To celebrate his well earned victory, Mickelson and his two-year-old daughter Sophia decided to visit the local carnival

“Sophia loves the carnival,” said. “She thinks the clowns are great and she loves the ring toss too.”

Mickelson made his way through the crowds, all the time proudly displaying his newly won green jacket. Through the many congratulatory words and the “Phil Rules” chants, another cry came.

“I was trying to clean out JoJo’s cage when he leapt out and took off along the roofs of the concession stands. Phil stood out in his bright green jacket and I saw JoJo headed straight for him. I yelled, I tried to warn him to look out, but he didn’t hear me in time,” said JoJo’s longtime owner Joe Joe.

As JoJo reached the end of the block of concession stands, he leapt from above and landed squarely on the back of an unsuspecting Mickelson.

The veteran golfer was very startled and he attempted to shake the monkey off. Sensing an unsteady perch, JoJo latched on even tighter to Mickelson, attempting not to be thrown to the ground.

"I heard the cry," Mickelson said. "I didn't know what had happened, but I didn’t expect that a monkey would be jumping onto my back."

Mickelson twisted and turned, not knowing what was on him but satisfied that whatever it was, it shouldn’t be there. Sophia screamed in terror, as young girls often do when their fathers are being attacked by primates.

Fortunately Joe Joe was not far behind and was able bring a calm to the situation.

“I knew if Phil quit trying to throw the monkey off and displayed that natural cool he’s known for on the golf course, JoJo would loosen his grip and I could pick him up,” Joe Joe commented.

Joe Joe told Mickelson to be calm and that it was only a monkey on his back. Mickelson promptly settled down and Joe Joe was able to come closer and lift JoJo from off his back.

"It didn't seem overwhelming," Mickelson said. "I thought, ‘What are the odds of something this ironic happening to me? It’s going to make for quite the story.' "

The carnival company apologized to Mickelson for the incident and gave him and his daughter free tickets for the ring toss. Shortly after, the carnival owner was heard stating “this couldn’t have happened to a nicer man.”s/tds/go.php?

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