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High-tech gag gifts
by Mark on 4/11/2004 (0)

Quit your Jibba-Jabba!
Here's a few high tech gag gifts I found on the web, along with their sources. Who ever said the Internet was pure evil?...It's purely funny evil!

All product descriptions are original and unedited

1. It's The Original Remote Control Fart Machine

Also known as the Remote Control Whoopee Cushion - Just place this device under someone's chair, next use the included wireless remote control to set off the device. Remote can be used up to 50 feet away! Has 5 disgusting sounds! Great gag for anytime you need your own electronic whoopee cushion! Requires: (4 AAA batteries)

2. Mr. T in your pocket machine

What a great gift!!! and Mr. T is very happy about this product, although he does feel a little sympathetic sorrow for any person lacking in judgment who doesn't buy one of these great devices... or as he would say... "I pity the fool who don't buy a Mr. T In Your Pocket".

Includes the sayings...
I Pity The Fool!
Don't Gimme No Back Talk, Sucka!
Quit Your Jibba Jabba!
Don't Make Me Mad! (groan)
First Name Mister, Middle Name Period, Last Name T!
Shut Up, Fool!

3. Exploding toilet seat

Use this to create your own "Bang gags" It explodes with a loud BANG when the door or seat is open or lifted. Has self stick tape to make it stay in one place!

4. Fake pin through nose

Longing for that classic punk rocker look, but just don't want to commit to a painful piercing? Then the Fake Pin Through The Nose is for you! Clips on easily and is loads of fun for hours! Great for meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents for the first time. (Fake Pin Thru Nose a.k.a. Safety Pen Through Nose, Baby Pin Through Nose, Diaper Pin Through Nose)

5. Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling joke machine

Get some of the best jokes that have sprouted from the wandering lips of Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling. Over 250 of the most hilarious jokes you have ever heard. Jackie is renown worldwide as one of the funniest comedians alive. Now you can get Jackie all to yourself in a small box with big laughs. Suggested for ages 18 and older. (Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling's Joke Machine a.k.a. Jackie's R Rated Joke Machine)

6. 40" blow up alien

Simple directions: 1. Blow up alien and place near a trailer park late at night. 2. Next day, gather snacks and tasty beverages, sit back and listen to the headlines. Note: This product is not endorsed by famed radio personality Art Bell.

7. Fake bullet holes

Our bullet hole illusions will fool anyone. Imagine your friend spotting a few bullet holes on his new car after a long day at work, he may just cry like a baby. They look incredibly real and apply to almost any surface, and the easy peel back

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