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Yankees 2103 part 6
by Mark on 11/25/2003 (1)

Jeter looked inquisitively at the sticks in his palm.

“I-I don’t understand. How does all this tie together? Fill me in.”

David beckoned Jeter and Kelly to sit down.

“Derek, listen carefully . On one of those memory sticks is all the information the White House will need to prevent the terrorists from carrying out their plans in the future…your future, that is, back in 2003. They will know it's for real by the names and events we describe. Everything on there was highly classified in 2003. The other stick must be given to Doctor Kathleen Lamping. She will know how to interpret it. We are hoping that when she sees what devastation her bio-genetic research had resulted in, she will pull the plug and scuttle the whole program."

David poured tumblers of cognac, which Jeter declined.

"We put contact names on the sticks as well. When you get back home to 2003, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.”

Jeter slipped the sticks in his breast pocket.

“Will these work in an obsolete computer? I mean a computer from my time?”

“Good question. Those are standard Sony media sticks we “borrowed” from a museum, so to speak. We tested them with your day’s technology, and they work just fine.”

Jeter’s expression was unchanged as he buttoned his jacket.

“How does baseball fit in?”

David smiled.

“Ahh…of course. We have found a way to predict when and where instabilities will occur in the space time continuum. We know that a micro “rift” will open above Cleveland in exactly 12 days. We've calculated that it will take you back in time a few minutes before you flew into the wormhole, and we've temporaly programmed the 747 you were in with the neccesary manuevers to avoid it. We feel it should be open long enough for you and the team to enter it."

A technician at one of the tables interjected:

"It will be 45 feet in diameter for a duration of 27.7 seconds, at an altitude of 3700 feet.”

Jeter looked on thoughtfully.

“Oh, so we will fly into it again, right? Just like when we came here? But still, how does baseball...”

Shaking his head, David interjected

“No. Big difference. There is no way that we can obtain a plane. Everything is tightly controlled almost down to the atomic level, these days. Orbital satellites can literally observe every square inch of land on Earth. Complex computer "sentries" are fed information instantly, and anything deemed unusual is intercepted and dealt with accordingly."

"We plan to use Sky Stadium to fly you and the team into the wormhole.”

Before Jeter could speak, Kelly Lansdowne explained.

“Sky Stadium is where baseball is played in the future. The stadium is half a mile square, and is levitated by directional ducted fans powered by four 3000 Megawatt fusion reactors. The stadium seats 60,000, and can land and take off like an aircraft. It was derived as a spinoff of portable military bases, of course."

Clearly astonished, Jeter quizzed

“But why? That sounds crazy.”

“Of course, it is, and it isn't for the view, either. Remember I told you that everyone given the stem cell injections could not feel normal extremes of emotion?”

Jeter glanced nervously down at the pin prick on his arm.

“There’s a catch. The Overseers soon discovered that people soon went mad without normal emotional venting. Some even died. A safe way had to be developed that allowed a manageable release, and baseball was the answer. Spectators at Sky Dome are given a "cocktail" antidote that blocks the effects of the stem cells. They are “normal” for 5 or 6 hours. As you can imagine, the pent up rage is enormous. They make the spectators at the ancient Roman Coliseum seem tame by comparison. By levitating the Sky Stadium, the Overseers have a safety measure built in. If things get out of hand…well, I

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