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Tony Hawk: Extreme BBQ
by Mark on 7/9/2003 (2)

Skateboard super-celebrity Tony Hawk, already internationally renowned as Mondo Skateboarder Extreme, is announcing plans to conquer the world of outdoor summer grilling.

Hawk has offered a preview into his new Extreme line of outdoor grilling gear, slated for release in mid July.

Hawk reveals:

"This in no ordinary entry level grill, it's a Tony Hawk extreme propane powered Pterodactyl Skull Birdhouse teflon bearing Charmaster Extreme 5000. It features 2500 BTU convection circulation heat stokers and comes with an official Tony Hawk grilling apron and Extreme chicken baster. If you order before July 10, you can get a Tony Hawk Charmaster 5000 hat for only $25.00!"

Hawk rolled in a bigger grill and opened the cover.

"This is our Reserve Extreme model for serious grilling enthusiasts. It's the Tony Hawk Falcon-4 Birdhouse charmaster 8000. This grill can saute, broast and fire roast 6 chickens and a stack of ribs all at once. It's 5000 BTU's make it the grill for the future, and if you order the optional Tony Hawk thermal gloves, you get a free set of Tony Hawk Extreme steak knives and are eligible for the monographed super extreme spoons for only $50.00 more!

When quizzed if he was merely hyping up ordinary, run of the mill propane grills, and is attempting to make big residual bucks off of cheap mass produced utensils through his famous "Tony Hill Extreme" marketing banter, Hawk grimaced, scratched his head and beamed:

"If you don't print that question, I'll give you a totally FREE Tony Hawk hypersonic frisbee and battery operated Extreme hand held mini fan! Available August 1! " src="

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