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Bloody coup results in new SCA President
by Scott Looney on 7/5/2003 (0)

Hewitt Trussville High School - Shocking the SCA today several members of Student Council’s Senate assassinated the Student Council President, at approximately 7:25 AM during today’s monthly meeting. The Vice President was immediately put on public display awaiting his 9:31 post-first period execution.

The bloody coup had apparently been planned for months now (probably the most planning the SCA has ever done) beginning when several members of the SCA senate realized that they had no place in SCA decision making. In fact, the executive branch of the SCA had somehow taken full control of the entire association.

Looking back one can hardly see the digression of the peaceful democratic SCA to the tyrannical dictatorship it had become. Asked about the decision to take violent action, Jr. Senator Braden Aperson had this to say, “We had all been weary about our oppression from the president but one day, when the president was asked about the lack of a dessert on a recent school meal, he sarcastically told us, ‘Let them eat cake,’ that was the final straw.”

The new student government plans to take ownership in all currently private student activities. Shunning the current aristocratic school society, they want to distribute everything to students equally. Resenting the Bolshevizing of the SCA, the Senior Board, still in control of the back gray hall, has blocked their territory with a large wall, fittingly called “the gray-hall wall.” All transportation across the wall is without a permit is strictly forbidden.

Following the domino theory other nearby student government programs are expected to fall to communism. This is most likely to occur in financially troubled school such as Huffman High School. When asked for their thoughts on the recent murders and the new pro-Marxist student government, most students seemed apathetic and doubtful that the SCA actually does anything.?sid=1

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