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Italian Kid Makes It Clear He Really Doesn’t Like Italian Food
by Mark on 11/16/2010 (1)

Hey! Datsa bigga stinky cheese!!
NY - 14 year old Italian New York resident Angelo Gabucci recently made it “clear as a baccala uppa side of you face” that he really doesn’t like traditional Italian food.

“Hey, what can I say? I think Prosciutto tastes like pezzo de merda to me and you can take your stinky Sopressata and stuff it up your madre's la farfalla, and If I see one more piece of pepperoni pizza I'll jump in the east river...Hey, you want antipasto and artichoke salad, then you eat the testa di cazzo! Mangia merde e morte! Figlio di Troia!”

The boy’s father, Mario Gabucci, also made it clear, “He ate all that stuff growing up and he didn’t complain. And he’s not my son anymore. Bastardo.”

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1. by steveballmer on 11/18/2010 9:07:06 PM
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