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Make Hundreds of Dollars Every Week Working at Work
by Kris on 6/19/2009 (0)

"I'm going to touch your screen and leave fingerprints all over it and you're going to hate me for it."
"Every weekday, I get up early, go to an office, do business, then come home," said life insurance sales manager Brian Anderson. "Every two weeks, they send me a check that the bank converts into money!"

Brian is just one of thousands of Americans who have turned to work as a means of surviving the current financial crisis plaguing America.

Work typically involves leaving the home for an office, warehouse, store, or other place of business. Mary Stevenson of Memphis, Tennessee works in a grocery store, Todd Orange of Cleveland, Ohio works in a factory, and Mike Ralph of Orlando, Florida works in a flower shop. Each of these locations, and dozens others, are good places to go for work.

"At first it was scary to leave home for a new place," said car mechanic Bernie Legs. "Then I realized everyone else at work were people working just like me. I'm still terrified, but at least I'm not terrified alone."

Once at work, "employees" are tasked with various tasks that benefit the business. Sometimes employees perform repetitive tasks like pressing a large red button ever 12 seconds or filling out TPS reports, while other employees have days filled with different requirements such as attending meetings, yelling at subordinates, and preventing walls from collapsing by leaning against them while making small-talk.

The difficulty of the job determines how much an employee gets paid for their work. Easy to perform jobs like garbage can emptier or light switch operator pay little because these jobs can be performed by most anyone. More difficult jobs like brain surgeon or satire writer pay much higher because it takes a highly qualified person to perform these duties.

"When I was younger, I cooked all the burgers and put them on buns," said fast food restaurant assistant manager Paul Nell. "Now I tell other people to cook the burgers and put them on buns. The job is far more challenging but as a result I get paid over $2 an hour more."

"Before I heard about work, I used to stay at home and try to make money over the Internet machine," said Debbie Parish, who now works at a local hardware store answering questions about bal-pean hammers. "Despite ads claiming hundreds of dollars a day, I rarely made that much in a month. Now that I go to work though, I get a steady paycheck each week and have also learned valuable skill that I apply to my everyday life."

Now that you know a little bit about work, you're probably saying "that sounds terrific" and asking yourself "can I go to work too?" Thankfully you can! Getting a "job" isn't as hard as you may think.

Many businesses are hiring, even in these troubling times. You just need to know where to look. When walking around town, look in the windows of various businesses, you may see a "Help Wanted" sign, indicating they want you to come there to work. You may also check out the classified section in newspapers or online job websites.

When you find a job you would like, give them a "resume", which is a list of any work you have done, your qualifications, and, most importantly, your contact information. Finally tell them you will start on Monday morning and then show up regardless of their reply.

Good luck with your new job!

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