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Man Makes Hundreds of Dollars Working from Home
by Kris on 3/30/2009 (0)

Kenosha, WI - Dan Thompson is living the American Dream... he owns his own car (an American made 1985 Ford Tempo), lives in the suburbs (in his parent's basement), and best of all, he is his own boss working wherever and as often as he likes. In 2009 already Dan has grossed over $400 and is on pace to make significantly more than $1,000 by years end. All while being free to pursue his many interests, nearly all of which are closely related to consuming large amounts of alcohol.

After working hard 20 hours weeks for the past several years and getting hardly a raise or promotion, the 26 year old college dropout decided a change was needed.

"I couldn't take being a slave to the man anymore," Dan said of his former position as a stock boy at Wal-Mart. "Being to work by noon, having to work several hours at a time without a break, having to show people where the paint isle was, it was more than I could take."

After reading an advertisement of how to make money working from home, Dan quit his job and immediately order the sixteen volumes of "Be Lazy and Get Rich Working From Home" at $29.95 each, a very reasonable price considering the vast piles of money the books will ultimately put into Dan's pockets.

Dan then purchased a new computer, a year's worth of Internet access, an additional phone line, several cases of Mountain Dew (to help wake up in the early afternoon), and was off and running on his way to financial freedom, untold riches, and a lavish lifestyle that even The Donald would envy.

"The system is easy and really works," Dan told Smooth Operator. "All you have to do is send out some mass emails, make a few hundred unsolicited phone calls, and post how great the system is on several hundred online message boards. Best of all, I can do it anytime I want to. Sometimes I even work after closing out the bars, though most of my messages are barely coherent ramblings about why I think my girlfriend is cheating on me or how I awesome a tie made out of lettuce would be."

After seeing his success, several of Dan's friends have quit their day jobs and joined the program too. One friend even reported making $12 on his first day and nearly $70 since! And best of all for Dan, because he recommended so many people, he gets future discounts on updated versions of "Be Lazy and Get Rich Working From Home" books, bumper stickers, and t-shirts. ?sid/tds/go.php?sid=1" w

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