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Satan Spotted Flying Kite
by Kris on 11/15/2008 (0)

"Weee, fun, ha ha ha!"
Satan is the bringer of doom, the root of all evil, the cause of all pain and suffering. And, according to recent eyewitness reports, is also an avid kite flier.

George Tambov and his friends Nathan Horn and Jerry Lillo of South Carolina were enjoying a warm fall day, throwing a football around in what was usually a deserted field, when they saw something rather unexpected.

"I had just caught a pass when out of the corner of my eye, I saw an enormous red, hooved, horned man laughing and giggling as he flew a kite across the field," said George of his encounter.

The other two friends confirmed the story and were very certain the man they saw was Satan himself.

"Satan's a hard guy to miss, there aren't too many other giant red men with horns on their heads that cause everything around them to wilt and die," said George.

Upon realizing that he was being watched, a horrified Satan fled into the nearby woods. Afraid to incur his wraith, the three friends did not follow.

Flying a kite is a clean, fun activity, often times enjoyed between elder family members and their children. This starkly contrasts the activities Satan is most often associated with, activities such as torture, torture, more torture, and Celine Deon concerts. Being associated with kite flying could be a huge hit on Satan's reputation.

"It's hard to fear and respect a man who is giddy about flying a kite," said historian Rob Anderson of the South Caroline Museum of Modern Evil. /tds/go.php?si

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