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Charles Rogers to Work in Concession Stand to Repay $8.5 Million Debt to the Detroit Lions
by Kris on 10/13/2008 (0)

Back when the future was oh so very bright.
Motor City, The - After three years, the Detroit Lions won grievance against ex-Lion Charles Rogers for the sum of $8.5 million dollars. The grievance stems from Rogers failing the NFL's substance abuse policy for a third time in 2005, causing him a four-game suspension from the NFL and violating the terms of his contract.

Unfortunately for both Rogers and the Detroit Lions, he no longer has this money, having blown it on cars, homes, and very possibly fine Columbian cocaine. Rogers was paid $14.4 million when he signed with the Lions in 2003 but has not worked since being released in 2006, causing him to use up much of that money in order to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

Earlier today the Lions and Rogers reach an agreement where Rogers will be able to work off the $8.5 million, though in a different capacity than his previous stint with the team.

"Charles Rogers will begin working in the Ford Field concession stands selling hotdogs, soda, and nachos beginning next week," said an official statement from the team. Rogers will be paid $7 an hour and will work all the home Lions games along with any other sporting events or trade shows that may be held at Ford Field. It is estimated that Rogers should have his debt paid off sometime in the 31st century.

"I'm exciting for this opportunity," Rogers told Smooth Operator. "I'm a Michigan native and have been a fan of the team since I was young. I know I didn't do everything right my first time around, but I'm anxious to prove that I can be a valuable asset to the Detroit Lions."

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