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Guy On Tracks Waving For Train to Stop Could have Prevented Crash
by Kris on 9/15/2008 (0)

"Did I do that?!?"
Los Angeles, CA - A Metrolink commuter train, headed from Union Station to the suburbs, collided head-on with a Union Pacific freight train during rush hour Friday in Chatsworth, a residential area of the San Fernando Valley best known for being the site of this recent train crash. The front car of the commuter train was obliterated and the living, dead, and undead were trapped inside the train for hours.

Federal investigators said Sunday that a collision warning system once prevalent for train warnings could have prevented the head-on crash that killed twenty-five people and left dozens of others late arriving home, possibly missing their children's sporting events and dance recitals.

This warning system, known fondly by supporters as "a crazy guy that runs onto the tracks, waves his arms, and shouts madly that a train is coming", was once popular for train warnings in the 1800's and "would almost certainly have prevented this accident" said Kitty Higgins, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board.

"If you see a guy standing in the middle of the tracks, screaming and yelling, you stop the train and disaster is averted," said Higgings of the system.

Train conductors surveyed by Smooth Operator all agreed that this system would work.

"People don't just waive their arms and yell for nothing while standing in the path of an oncoming train," longtime train conductor Walter Burns told Smooth Operator. "If they're doing that, then you know there is a damn good reason to stop."

This system was once the defacto standard for train warnings but was phased out in recent centuries with the advent of computer technology and concerns about expense, reliability, and the high number of warning people that were ran over by trains that couldn't stop in time.isplay:0" style="display:no

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