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Proposed Border Fence Won't Stop Illegal Aliens from Space
by Kris on 9/10/2008 (0)

"Hey you up there, don't go crossing this fence!"
The proposed 2,000 mile fence to be built along the US/Mexican border might do wonders to stop illegal aliens from Mexico and South America, but it will do little to stop those little green and gray aliens from space.

"Clearly the fact that aliens can fly in spaceships has been overlooked," said alien researcher Todd Wayne of the University of Southeast West Texas.

Wayne has proposed that rather than spending the money to construct the fence, which may cost in excess of eight billion dollars, we create a giant laser cable of vaporizing any aliens, land or air bound.

Aliens from space have long been visiting the United States, probing our women, mutilating our cows, and stealing mid-level management positions from hardworking, under-qualified Americans. Many had high hopes that increased border security would cut down on aliens in the United States, but it seems it will only cut down on those that choose to enter by land.

Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar says space aliens were not taken into account when proposing the wall but felt the wall would help to deter them from entering the United States.

"It's going to be menacing as hell," Aguilar told Smooth Operator. "Spikes covered in blood, moats littered with dead bodies, Celine Deon blaring 24/7. If that doesn't scare space aliens away from our country, nothing will."isplay:none">

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