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YouTube Mulls Fines For Idiot Posters
by Mark on 9/1/2008 (0)

Oh gawd, no!
INTERNET- YouTube, faced with a server crunching overload of hard drive space allocated to “totally dopey, irrelevant and sublimely annoying” amateur videos, is considering fining it’s users with an “idiot posting” fine, according to you tube spokeswoman Brenda Lee Cutts. Cutts describes:

“I mean, enough already. Do you know how much we put up with over here? If I see another bunch of gawkish, splay toothed teens dancing dopey pantomimes to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or ‘What Them Girls Like’, well…I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s incredible. We get it all. The last amateur "video" I stumbled upon was a 5 second bit of the Simpson's Comic Book Guy with some idiot doing a half witted voice over that sounded like Hank Azaria on crack repeating 'nooo, you may not, nooo you may not' over and over again. I mean, that’s it. From now on, we’re charging!

YouTube is considering a ten cent fine for every foolish and/or inane video upload stored on its servers, with a 25 cent fine for 3rd time repeat offenders.

"We’re not out to spoil anyone’s creativity, but we just don’t have enough storage space for such loquacious excess.” Cutts sternly offered “What can I say? We’re high over a barrel over here, literally”

YouTube has promised that more storage space will be made available in the near future to mitigate such Draconian actions, but gently urged “Slingshot squirrels are funny. Slingshot tampons are not.”?sid=1"

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