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Will a Vote for Barack Obama Ruin your Marriage?
by Mark on 8/29/2008 (0)

Divorce: Change you can believe in.
As the November presidential election looms ominously near, decisions will need to be made. Who will you vote for? Obama or McCain? Whomever you choose, keep in mind that this year is very, very different from all of the others.

2008 is the first year that a presidential election has drawn the race card, so the crucial dilemma is, how can a white couple, wherein the man is a McCain supporter, and the woman an Obama supporter, reconcile their political differences? Surely, those who agree to vote in unison will suffer no ill effects, but a white couple split on the issue may not survive the racial schism. It is easy to imagine thousands of couples splitting up because of their personal candidate choice, as a white woman “leaving her white husband for a black president”, so to speak, is taboo of all taboos and is totally unforgivable.

So, be careful what you wish for this terrible election year, America. Change may very well be in the air for youone">

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