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Kevin Federline Responsible for 29% of all Teen Pregnancy
by Kris on 8/27/2008 (0)

Apparently teenage girls think this is hot???
New research done by the University of Washington shows a direct link between teenage pregnancy and Kevin Federline, also known as K-Fed or that douche bag that married Britney Spears that actually doesn't seem that bad now that she turned out to be a psycho hose beast.

"He's knocked up quite a few more girls than just Brittney," said University of Washington program manager Pamela Gibbs. These results hit close to home for Gibbs, who has a teenage daughter of her own and finds the results particularly troubling.

"I have a teenage daughter of my own and find the results particularly troubling," she said.

Gibbs and her colleagues examined the results of the 2006 national survey focusing on teens ages 15 to 19 that became pregnant. The findings, based on responses from 1,719 teens, were errantly printed in the February 2007 issue of Cat Fancy.

"We found that 29% of the 1,719 surveyed named Kevin Federline as the father," said Gibbs, a result initially glossed over by Cat Fancy.

The research was also able to determine that the likelihood of pregnancy for a teenage girl is 65% lower for girls who have never met Kevin Federline and 95% lower for those who despise the Fedora/wife-beater look popularized by K-Fed. Teenage girls with low self-esteem who had also met K-Fed had nearly a 99% rate of pregnancy.

Don Mossrock, Ph.D., a professor at Oxford University in England, said the study provides "further compelling evidence that K-Fed is a huge fucking pimp" and felt the awesome fertility power of K-Fed could be studied and ultimately lead to tremendous breakthroughs in infertility treatments.

When asked for his comments on these results, Kevin Federline simply told Smooth Operator, "That crazy bitch said she was eighteen."isplay:none">Share

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