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The Liberal Chick Speaks Out: OMG! The Olympics are Sooo Fucking Racist!!
by Mark on 8/20/2008 (0)

OMG! That is so fucking racist!
WORLD NEWS- Liberal Chick Melissa Mann picked up an empty Reese’s peanut butter nips wrapper with the “official nips of the 2008 Beijing Olympics” logo on it and slammed it down hard

“OMG! Can you believe this crap! The Olympics is totally xenophobic, sexist and racist! I mean, all of us newly enlightened Obama youth are fully aware that nationalities and culture are strictly figments of the imagination created by white Europeans to keep minorities down! There are no such things as countries you know! There is no Kenya, China, U.S.A., Russia, Serbia or any other country, just one world human race! That’s what I call it, the World Human People Race! And why are women competing separately from men? That is so fucking sexist! All of this racist, sexist and xenophobic bullshit is designed to divide, not unite, and I’m a uniter not a divider!

Liberal Chick paused for the briefest moment to tweedle her trendy 12 buck reading glasses and actually breath in some air

“OMG! I mean, even the Olympic medal system is racist! Why is gold better than silver or bronze? What is bronze, like, a colored metal, because it’s brown toned?! OMG! That is so totally fucking racist!”

When asked how future Olympics should be structured, Mann offered “One human race, one event, one medal, no one competes, everyone co-operates, everyone wins. And don’t try to shit me either, because I’m German, and Germans have a natural head for organization and discipline you know!”"0" style=

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