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Yankees 2103 part 9
by Mark on 5/11/2008 (0)

Exhausted, Jeter returned to his room and fell into a brief, tortured sleep.

He dreamt the same dream again. An ancient steam train far in the distance, a distant light looming high on the horizon, the atmosphere of roiling, gray black clouds enveloping the light, growing larger and larger, a thousand voices in harmony calling him to go into the light...go into the light...

A faint tap on the door jostled Jeter awake. A hushed female voice whispered

"Derek?...Derek...let me in."

"K-Kelly? Is that you? Wait..."

Jeter quietly opened the door. She sat softly on the bed, removing several things from her purse.

"We don't have much time. The game is tomorrow, and I need to brief you on what you need to do to get through this. Listen carefully, you must get all of this correct."

Jeter stared intensely into Kelly's eyes.

"Put this on."

Kelly handed Jeter a necklace. A silver chain with a small silver capsule. The capsule was about the size of a thimble and was warm to the touch

"W-What is..."

"That's your ticket back home. Back to 2003. That capsule is a Plutonium powered transmitter programmed to allow you to enter back into the vortex, and guide you back in time 100 years to the moment before the plane you and the Yankees were on flew into the storm. It will also program the plane to avoid the storm as well. You must not lose it. If you do, all will be lost."

Jeter gripped the pendant intently

"Got it. But what about the rest of the team, won't they need one of these gadgets too?"

"No. Only one need enter the vortex to reset the breach in time. When the vortex approaches Sky Stadium, you will see it as a small dazzling light, growing in size as it approaches."

Jeter instantly thought of his dream

"My father will pilot sky stadium toward the light. You must run toward the light and into it. Do not be afraid, the pendant will shield you. Once you land in Cleveland in 2003 you must give the memory sticks Joan and David gave you to the appropriate parties. Do you still have them?"

Jeter tapped at his belt. "Yeah. Right here. I taped them into my jersey."

"Good. Keep in mind that you and only you will have any memory of this ever happening. The team won't remember a thing, so keep that in mind. There is one more thing. Take this letter. Do not open it until you land. You must go to the Shenandoah crash site in Noble County, Ohio. That was the Zeppelin my father was piloting back in 1925 when he was tossed into the vortex and survived. There will be someone there waiting for you. Do you understand all of this?"

"Yes. I'll do everything I can to win this. I-I need to know, though will I see you..."

Kelly leaned and softly kissed Jeter on the side of his mouth. A brief, intangible contact that lit the sky up like a thousand dazzling lights. Jeter again thought of his wife, but did not resist.

"In a way you will. When you get back, you will understand."

Kelly smiled and quietly gathered her things. She locked the door to Jeter's room behind her with a hushed click. Jeter lie back, his head a titanic maelstrom of savage imagery, fear and yet the reassuring taste and scent of lipstick had somehow alchemized his plight into something clearly terrifying, yet oddly compelling. He stared blankly at the ceiling, managing a weak grin.

"No sweat."

Kelly walked quietly down the hall and entered the elevator, pressing the lobby key. Just as the doors began to close a hand lurched in, seizing the door. The giant, scarred and calloused hand had a large, conspicuous ring on it, gold studded with huge diamonds. Terrified, Kelly glanced up.

"Good evening Miss Lansdowne. May I have a moment?"

Look for parts 1-8 of Yankees 2103 in the Feature section!

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