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Local Man Gets Ass Kicked For Not Observing Earth Hour
by Mark on 3/29/2008 (0)

I said it's EARTH hour, honky cracker bitch!
LICKING, OH - Licking, Ohio resident Burl Bishop reportedly "got the flying damp crap beat out of him" for not observing the pledged 1 hour blackout scheduled for Licking, Ohio, at 9:00 P.M. Friday. Earth Hour activist Jerl Gorbash elaborates.

"Yeah, first off, I'm a member and a daily-kos man, too, so lets establish that before we address this little earth hour movement and all, and anyway, this Burl Bishop guy refused to knuckle under to the prescribed blackout pogrom. My brethren and I were forgiving and tactful at first, of course, but when we examined the reason that Bishop refused to comply with the blackout wasn't because he was handicapped or some legit reason, or just missed the meaning of the movement, we then decided he was culpable as a defiant. Deviants must be punished as a matter of course, you know, so we prescribed corrective action, so to speak. Vote Obama!"

The real reason Bishop overlooked the pledged blackout was simply because he wasn't home at the time, but all signs point another type of blackout with Jerl Gorbash once he figured out what the fuck was going on.g

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