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Geek Squad Tech With Baby Hands Freaks Out Customers, Co-Workers
by Mark on 3/9/2008 (0)

Holy Jesus Christ! T-That guy's got baby hands!
LITTLETON, CO - Littleton, Colorado Geek Squad technician Dougie Spotz only recently "freaked out walk in customers and fellow computer techs by whizzing away on computer keyboards with his tiny little baby hands" according to Geek Squad manager Mack MaGoon.

"Dougie is a top rate tech. Best of the best." professionally pondered MaGoon "But he has these tiny little sausage fingered baby hands that creep everyone out. A customer waltzes in and plops a Sony Vaio laptop on the counter, and Zoom! off goes Dougie with those baby hands. In spite of his disturbingly diminutive digits, though, Spotz is well suited for programming Blackberry PDA's with their rice-grain sized buttons, and even smallish Pavillion laptops and such, and the guy's a genius at installing those irksome mobile RAM and SD cards as well, but man, it's a real show stopper, alright. I mean, he's a great guy and all, but he's got t-these *gulp* baby hands!"

No word is out as to Spotz's ultimate fate with the Geek Squad, but MaGoon reassured "every thing's getting smaller these days, so maybe this guy's the wave of the future. Who knows? In any case, we've got room for him in Cell Phones and IPOD's if he craps out of here, for sure!"n.r

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