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Survey: Nice Ass, Average Tits, Face, Works Best For Most Men
by Mark on 3/9/2008 (1)

Show me some o' dat' apple booty!
An online study conducted by Gentleman Ben's Quarterly determined that most men will "forgo a pretty face and circus tits as long as there's a nice ass in the overall mix." GBQ online editor Burt Fleer describes:

"Our survey indicates that if a gal has a nice, tightish ass with easily discernable feminine curves, almost all men will overlook a perfectly average face, as long as there is not outright scarring or disfigurement, and even in those cases it sometimes didn't matter. Smallish to almost non-existent tits were equally overlooked, although additional questions clearly indicate that if a woman has a lot of junk in her trunk, even big tits and a very pretty face scored dismally low. In other words, a gal's ass can make or break the entire attraction process in most men. The overall female ideal is one of perfect face, tits and ass, of course, but most men found such specimens unobtainable or even intimidating. It seems that Plain Jane's with nice bottoms are perceived as being both sexy and keep-able. Furthermore, a woman's occupation never plays into the mix. She could be a waitress or a Fortune 500 CEO, and the results almost never varied. Guys will take a poor gal with a nice ass over a rich professional with a tank butt nearly every time. Sad, yet true."

GB Quarterly also conducted a survey in what women find attractive in men, but the results were far more complex and difficult to interpret.

"Women look at the overall package, not just discreet elements." piously pondered Fleer "This includes physical, professional and even social status as influenced by popular media. A guy can have a great physical form, but irksome quirks, such as a high-talker whiney voice or a lugubrious, goonish personality that may cause embarressment in public, or even a lack of professional ambition can derail a female's attraction faster than you can say Ally McBeal. Go figger."

Fleer cautioned that results can vary from culture to culture, and that individual exceptions clearly exist, but gently prodded "Try not to let Victoria's Secret turn into Victoria's Big Secret, at least for awhile."0" sty

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1. by Bull on 3/31/2008 7:54:07 PM
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