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Ticker: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Duel Takes on Air of Proper November Presidential Election
by Mark on 2/10/2008 (0)

May the best dog win.
Idealism must always be the foundation of liberal thought.

The foundation of the DNC is anything but ideal these day. A neck and neck, vitriolic feud between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, fueled by tightly polarized camps based on gender or race and peppered with a statistically significant faction of brainwashed Internet Obama Youth has alchemized the Democratic caucuses and primaries into a molten social schism rarely seen outside of the proper November Presidential election itself. Male against female. Black against white. Those who pretend that differences don't exist at all, even though they clearly do, all at veinal odds. A drama Shakespeare himself would have envied indeed.

So, just why is that?

The answer, of course, is that two formerly oppressed minorities, or more accurately, two highly aggressive minorities, scrambling to seize the day from equally entrenched and defiant white Christian males are clawing within their own ranks for a stab at ultimate power, all of this from a political party who trumpets gender and racial differences as strict social evils, illusory and wholly unacceptable, having themselves become intractably ensnared in a complex, sticky web of exactly these very same "illusions."

But why is this even remotely a surprise, anyway?

Reality is reality, and reality often bites hard, after all. Depending on who you are, male, female, black, white or other, making cosmetic attempts to homogenize all of mankind into one lump sum is merely a gossamer psychological artifice that is swept away when a tangible, bona fide opportunity for seizing a true power grab is actually within one's reach, and so what? Mankind was born to aggression. It is in our nature, far more so than cooperation or compassion.

To be sure, when any human attribute is quantified, it is the need for power and control that always wins out, and as events unfold this unhappy election year, this is more transparent and sadly disconcerting than evero0" style="display:none">

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