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Ticker: Senator John McCain Using More Star Wars References Again
by Mark on 1/26/2008 (0)

Luke! I'm your candidate!
(AP) -Senator John McCain's unsettling fondness for drawing comparisons between politics and plots from Star Wars continued, as McCain offered more succinct Jedi wisdom following his shocker victory over Mitt Romney in the S.C. primary Saturday. McCain describes:

"I've defeated Darth Vader, and now must defeat the Emperor! The Evil Empire will be destroyed! Just like when Luke Skywalker got a green light saber when he completed his Jedi training, I've got one of my own now! I will not cower like Jar-Jar or a Jawa before Jabba the Hutt! We will destroy the Death Star with our own American Millenium Falcon! The Force is with us!"

A perplexed Romney was remarked as saying "If I spent 6 years in a VC bamboo cage, hell, I'd be seeing Wookies too."

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