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Week 4 NFL Picks
by Kris on 9/29/2007 (1)

Last week I went 11-5 in a week that I'm not altogether proud of, though I still beat the random coin flip, which went 6-10. This week marks the first byes of the year, lowering the weekly tally of games to 14. In addition to my picks this week, I will be rolling a common six-side dice to make another set of picks. Even rolls mean the home team wins, odd rolls go for the road team.

Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons
The Texans are an up and coming team that gave the Colts a mild scare last week. Plus Mario Williams over Reggie Bush isn't looking like such a bad pick anymore. The Falcons on the other hand are the team that hopes that each week will be the week that saves them from going 0-16. I don't think this is the week.
My Pick: Houston
Dice Roll: Atlanta
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
So I picked Cleveland to win last week and they lost and fellow writer Mark Motz called for me to not jinx them again. As much as I would like to smite him, common sense dictates that the Ravens are going to win and I can't pick against common sense.
My Pick: Baltimore
Dice Roll: Baltimore
Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins
Neither of these two teams is going to do much this year and this game could really go either way. Seriously though, I'm still miffed that the Dolphins drafted Ted Ginn Jr over Brady Quin and for that reason I'm giving the nod to the Raiders.
My Pick: Oakland
Dice Roll: Miami
Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions
I would feel better about this game if Grossman was still playing, but at least Brian Griese should be kinda rusty after not starting a game in two years. Plus the Bears have a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball. And speaking of defense, the Lions defense should be pretty rested after taking last week off.
My Pick: Detroit
Dice Roll: Chicago
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
When a rookie quarterback takes over a team, you can expect some hard times. Welcome Buffalo's Trent Edwards to the NFL. The Jets aren't all that good and have a poor offensive line, but the Bills aren't good enough to win with a rookie at their helm.
My Pick: New York
Dice Roll: New York
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
It's not secret that I don't like the Vikings this year. So it should be no secret and require no additional explanation that I expect the Packers to win this one easily.
My Pick: Green Bay
Dice Roll: Minnesota
St Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys
The Greatest Show on Turf is dead. The Cowboys conversely are the highest scoring team in the NFL and my personal pick for best team in the NFC.
My Pick: Dallas
Dice Roll: Dallas

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
Seattle lost the other week but I still really like them. How can you not like a team with a solid QB and one of the best running backs in the league? The 49ers looked like an offensive powerhouse at the end of last year, but are struggling this year in the post Norv Turner era (and ironically enough, the Chargers are struggling in the current Norv Turner era).

My Pick: Seattle
Dice Roll: Seattle

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers
David Carr is back as a starting NFL quarterback. How'd that go the first time around?
My Pick: Tampa Bay
Dice Roll: Tampa Bay
Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers
The Chargers lost a tough game last week and were embarrassed the week before. This week, they should get back on track against a woeful Kansas City team.
My Pick: San Diego

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1. by Motz on 9/30/2007 8:20:08 PM
Common sense? In the NFL? Or the NBA for that matter? Jinx rules!g </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>

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