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Over Enthusiastic McDonald's Fry Cook Watches Too Much Hell's Kitchen, Coworkers Blanched
by Mark on 8/30/2007 (0)

You call that a French Fry! Get out!!...errr wait, it's almost the lunch rush...please come back!
VILLANOVA, NM - Villanova east city mall McDonald's fry chef Andrea Popp, apparently obsessed with recalcitrant "Hell's Kitchen" pop-star Chef Gordon Ramsay, promised to "shake her franchise owned fast food restaurant to the Draconian core." Rattled and unamused coworkers explain.

"I wish Andrea would just chill out on this Hell's Kitchen crap. She's been bellowing at the top of her lungs, screaming shit like 'You call this a Big Mac?! This is two slabs of BLEEPING dog meat between two BLEEPING slices of enriched bleached BLEEP! These BLEEPING French Fries taste like they've been cooked in BLEEPING motor oil', and 'This quarter pounder with cheese tastes like a overly salted and spiced quarter pound of BLEEPING cow BLEEP! Get it together or get out! GET OUT!! "

Franchise owner Burt Fleer playfully tolerated Popp's culinary quest for perfection, but reminded "there's only one way to cook a McDonald's cheeseburger. It's printed on the bottom of every shipping crate!"ne

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