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Will A Barack Obama Victory Embolden Terrorism?
by Mark on 7/3/2007 (0)

You say Osama...
I say Obama.
Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters -Bob Dylan

As Victor Hugo, the great French man of letters succinctly analyzed, the events of our world are a great maelstrom of events, a terrible hurricane of titanic upheaval, that is both everywhere at one time and nowhere at once.

The United States of America is not truly united, and never has been. Competing races and cultures have jousted for political and economic power since the nations inception, and the struggle continues to this day, and will continue ad infinitum. This is not merely a symptom of life in America, but is more a symptom of the restless human condition.

So, where does the newly found appeal of Barack Obama fit in?

Barack Obama is the product of a shift in self-perception among whites as the absolute inventors and subsequent rulers of the modern world, to an insurgent rise in status among minorities, heavily influenced by media and popular culture. An unprecedented low ebb in white self-esteem fueled by ceaseless, virulent Bush-bashing, and a growing sense of empowerment among newly invigorated blacks, who have long secretly allied themselves with Islam overseas, have given rise to a political chrysalis that may actually give birth to an Obama victory. The Obama incubus lives and breaths. A solid majority of dollars donated to the Obama campaign chest comes from affluent blacks, a telling statistic, indeed.

But will an Obama victory embolden terrorists and polarize race in America? The answer is most probably yes.

Remember that political victories embolden the average man on the street. When an elected leader is representative of ones culture and beliefs, they offer one inner strength. Obama was raised in his crucial formative childhood years as a Muslim, converting only later to Christianity, and certainly radical Muslim sects will see this as a shift to their cause. American blacks have long embraced Islam as a way from getting out from under whites, and this consortium of Obama/Osama would create a potent pro-Islamic effect, perhaps with nation shattering consequences, both at home and abroad. So, be careful what you wish for. The wish may come trueone"><0" style="display:none">

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