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Annual San Francisco Straight Parade Draws Record 26 Spectators
by Mark on 7/1/2007 (0)

SAN FRANCISCO - The annual "Stick it to Fags!" straight parade in San Francisco drew a record 26 spectators this year, bedazzling organizers even most austere predictions.

"This was a bumper year" Beamed straight parade sole float operator Burt Fleer "My 'family values' float stole the show, and sorta was the show, but we were tickled pink as it went, in a figurative sort of way, of course."

Mounted San Francisco police officer Lieutenant Rosie Moss reported no opposistion to the starkly diminutive event but poignantly quipped "I think almost everyone mistook it for either a bible rally or a GOP fundraising event, but we really can't be sure."

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