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Utah Jazz Will Resort to Implementing the Dreaded Three-Man-Weave
by Kris on 5/25/2007 (0)

This play will surely be the death of us all.
They say desperate times call for desperate measures. That's exactly what the Utah Jazz are now facing, down 2 to 0 against the heavily favored San Antonio Spurs. As the Jazz prepare for their Saturday night showdown, sources close to the team have revealed they will be introducing a new wrinkle in their game, one they hope will propel them all the way to an NBA championship. The Jazz will implement the three-man-weave.

Often practiced but rarely implemented, the three-man-weave is one of the most devastating techniques in all of basketball. The three-man-weave begins with three players spread in a line across the court. The player in the middle passes the ball to the person on either his left or right and then runs behind this person. The person with the ball now passes it to the person who hasn't had the ball and runs behind them. This pattern continues as the offense storms down the court to an easy lay-up or dunk on a befuddled defense.

A technique like the three-man-weave is not without it's risks. The power of the weave is so great that few can control it and those that lose control often pay for it dearly, sometimes with their lives. It is so dangerous that the three-man-weave is outlawed in NCAA college basketball and no NBA team has dared to use it in a game situation for over twenty years. The last time it was attempted, two players were hospitalized and a traveling violation was called.

"We've got to try something new because what we were doing was obviously not working," said Jazz coach Jerry Sloan of the radical move. "We've got a talented group of players and I think they can pull it off. We're not going to give up this series without a fight."

"They have championships and guys who know how to win," said Jazz rookie point guard Deron Williams of the Spurs. "It's an extreme measure to take, but a necessary one if we want to win, which most of us do."

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has asked NBA commissioner David Stern to stop the Jazz from using the three-man-weave, fearing for the well being of his players and courtside fans. Given that there is nothing in the rulebook saying a team cannot do the three-man-weave, it seems unlikely any action will be taken. Additional medical staffing has been requested for the game and a helicopter will be ready in the event anyone needs to be airlifted to

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