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Who Won Pitfall! Creator David Crane?
by Kris on 5/2/2007 (0)

Way back in 2002 during the formative years of Smooth Operator, we ran a contest in which the prize was your very own Pitfall! creator David Crane (click here to view the original story). Crane was instrumental in the rise of platform video games, namely by the creation of Pitfall! during his time with Atari. He later went on to create A Boy and His Blob, the most popular boy/blob video game in history.

In addition to being a code monkey for Atari, Crane was also a co-founder of video game super developer Activision and is currently the Chief Technical Officer of Internet game developer Skyworks.

Obviously with all these qualities, and a half dozen more we were too lazy to list, making David Crane a prize in a contest was a no-brainer. The rules of the contest were simple, write an essay, 300 words or less (or more), telling us why you think you should win Pitfall! Creator David Crane.

Well, nearly five years later, we have a response that we feel is worthy of winning David Crane. Ten-year-old Mark Jacob, from Phoenix, Arizona wrote:
"I liked Pitfall! I tried to jump over a scorpion but it bited me and I died. I like swinging on the rope too, alligators are bad. More gold bars please!"
Well said Mark, I don't think anyone anywhere could ever put it better than you. As a result of your winning entry, you receive in 3 to 5 business days one Pitfall! creator David Crane, five changes of clothing for a middle aged man with a crazy 1970's bowl haircut, and a year's supply of Tang and Astronaut ice-cream to feed your David Crane.

Thank you to all who entered our contest and best wishes in our next contest, Win Wheel Inventor Throg. We would also like to thank David Crane being a good sport when he was forcibly placed in a small cardboard box by our hired goons, beat unconscious with a tire iron, and shipped him via FedEx Standard Shipping to Phoenix.

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