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Of Guilt, Feinged Altruism And American Idol
by Mark on 4/25/2007 (0)

"You can't get between a Jew and his money." The Beatles
Sometimes guilt and whiskey can drive a man to generosity, but more often than not, it's just the whiskey - W.C Fields

How cozy. Have you noticed the mock altruism and feigned sensitivity on Am Idol as of late? MySpace founder Tom Anderson made a cameo appearance on todays Am Idol, ostensibly to offer apologies for the stone cold fact that the notorious NewsCorp owned society webpage has aided and abetted in the abduction and deaths of more teens than any other web based presence, and that Simon Cowell's spurious, angelic "concern" over starving children was painfully contrived to blunt his caustic, Pontius Pilatus, condemning persona.

Who do you think you're playing, Fox?

With Fox's overall seedy programming and dirty Internet dealings, Fox is tossing silver nickels and golden dimes to the starving and dead in a vulgar attempt to placate the discontented masses they play an energetic hand in creating, for the sole purpose of generating big dollars and folsom media ratings.

Nice try, but no thanks Fox.isplay

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